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The valley of the Wadi Zat, although close to Marrakech, remained long enclave. It is however one of the main historical passages of the caravans between the North and the South of the Kingdom. The valley is home to about 80 douars (Berber village), nearly 25,000 inhabitants and very few tourists! It is therefore an opportunity to discover a Morocco remained very authentic and one hour from Marrakech.

The 4x4 car will take the road to Tighdouine, chief town of the town. There, you will meet your guide, orginaire of the valley and who will tell you about the valley and its inhabitants.

The trail climbs to the Ait Inzal of the mountain in a landscape of beauty: villages clinging to the side of the mountain and shaded by olive trees and ash trees. Terraced crops exploit the smallest cultivable area.

You will then meet your muleteers and his mules which will allow you, in less than one hour, to reach the lodging of Ait Ali where will be served lunch.

From the refuge, it is easy to reach the douars of Ait Ali and Igoudmane.

In the afternoon, descent, with the mules, to Talatast, the village of potters with beautiful houses built in red stone. About fifteen craftsmen work there and some will offer you small objects that are easy to transport. You will be invited to take tea at a village inhabitant.

Back in Tighdouine, you will find the car for the return to Marrakech that you will reach in the late afternoon.

    •     4x4 tour with driver, all expenses included, even fuel
    •     The services of the local guide
    •     Services of the muleteer and mules
    •     Homestay tea
    •     Lunch at the refuge
    •     local taxes
    • les boissons, extra et toutes dépenses personnelles
    • toute prestation qui n'est pas explicitement mentionnée ci-dessus
    • les pourboires